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The heritage Collection 2018

Takeo, Hakata, Takabo, Tenjin and Masa

The TAKEO is designed in 1920s by first generation, Nakanishi Takeo. The revival of this frame design pays tribute to the founder of the brand and highlights the importance of the people behind the family heritage. the frame is patented as a round-shape eyepiece, with a very traditional vintage design language. TAKEO comes with a double dot rivet and an understated confidence that reminisce the beginning of modern avant-garde era in Japan.


The HAKATA is a design from year 1950 by second generation, Nakanishi Takao. Having created numerous eyewear designs in his lifetime, Takao has always believed in making eyeglasses that flatter facial features. HAKATA, which was originally designed post-war, was the most iconic best seller in Fukuoka city. This frame is revived with absolute splendour, highlighting its beautiful sweeping profile and effervescent luster.


The name TAKABO is a byname that was given by the first generation, Takeo to third generation, Nakanishi Takayoshi when he was a little child. the TAKABO is an exclusive design created in the late 1930s that has been long forgotten. Originally a fusion of celluloid and gold, the latest edition combines the luminosity of celluloid with the rare Japanese Sun Platinum Metal (SPM). This model is a piece of happiness from Takayoshi’s fondest memory with his grandfather.


The TENJIN is the most prized design, which was handed down to fourth generation, Nakanishi Masayoshi by his master craftsman sensei several years ago. The frame design was once worn by music legend, John Lennon, who purchased the exact model during his last visit to Japan in 1977. After years of perfecting this handmade artistry, the TENJIN frames are handcrafted once again using original molds, tools and archives, including the exact materials and colours from the 70s.


The MASA frame is handcrafted and designed personally by fourth generation Nakanishi Masayoshi. As a complement to the heritage pieces, MASA pays tribute to the resurgence of young craftsmen who are passionate in this handmade artistry. The oversized frame design features an edgy look with a bold statement. MASA comes in four dark tones and is best paired either as day-to-day eyeglasses or as sunglasses; appealing to both men and women.