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NAKANISHI® Introduces Exclusive ‘Bench-Made’ Concept

Featuring Personalised Eyewear Customisation In Its New ‘Open-Kitchen’ Concept Store

Fukuoka, Japan—Since the introduction its first global campaign, multi- generational Japanese eyewear brand, NAKANISHI® celebrates its 90th Anniversary with a novel first-of-its-kind in-store concept. The Open Kitchen Concept is a brand new initiative by the NAKANISHI® family to promote eyewear personalisation and ultimately, preserving the superior handmade craftsmanship that has been the backbone of the NAKANISHI® legacy.

The ‘Open Kitchen’ concept will be available exclusively at the brand new Optique NAKANISHI® Open Kitchen Concept Store in Tenjin Core, Fukuoka. Customers will be able to customise their desired frame finishes based on the brand’s signature shapes. NAKANISHI® will continuously expand the range of customised shapes throughout its 90th year this 2018.

Principal of NAKANISHI®, Nakanishi Masayoshi explains that the new concept aims to promote the ‘bench-made’ concept as a tribute to my forefathers who started the made-to-order eyewear craftsmanship. He shares: “We bring back this concept to our shops to celebrate the beauty of handmade artistry. Besides that, as the last standing multi-generational Japanese eyewear family in Fukuoka, we hope to also provide awareness and a unique experience to tourists and visitors to this part of Japan.”

The word ‘bench-made’ is a perennial term used in various hand-made products including shoes, silverware and eyewear. It is the act of making something, when craftsmen spend hours on the bench creating something in their expertise. Products that are handmade 99% without machine intervention are considered ‘bench-made’ and NAKANISHI® wants to bring this traditional craftsmanship and appreciation back to the 21st Century.

Interested customers can place their reservation up to 15 days before arrival, and the introductory crafting process will take about two hours. Thereafter, it takes about 40 days for the artisans to finish the customised frame.

Masa-san explains: “Because it is 100% handcrafted, it takes time to finish the frame because of meticulous detailing and artisanal works that are put into the making of each frame. And it would be a very unique experience for customers to have the first-hand touch on the basic processes of making their very own NAKANISHI®.”

NAKANISHI® is currently offering a special introductory offer of USD $280 per frame. Customers will be able to customise the eyeglasses based on their facial structure, size, temple length, colour, material, and available finishes. Customers can enquiry about the ‘bench-made’ services via email: sales@nakanishi1928.com.

OPTIQUE NAKANISHI® can be located at:
OPTIQUE NAKANISHI (Fukuoka) — Open Kitchen Concept Store
Tenjin Core B1F, 1-11-11, Tenjin Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka City, 810-0001 Japan.
T: 092 721 7777

Canal City OPA 1F, 2-2, Sumiyoshi 1-Chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Japan.
T: 092 263 2417