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About NAKANISHI® 1928

A Family Built On Tradition And Legacy

Multi-generational Japanese eyewear brand, NAKANISHI® 1928 is celebrating its 90th Anniversary with its first global campaign. Imbued with a strong family history of craftsmen and experts in the eyewear and optical industry, the Nakanishi family is proud to present five new designs that pay homage to the forefathers of this legendary namesake brand.

Founded in 1928 by first generation Nakanishi Takeo, the first NAKANISHI® 1928 shop in Hakata marked the beginning of a flourishing history of the family. Fast forward 90 years, the Nakanishi family remains as one of the pioneers in eyewear business in Fukuoka, Japan and the lasting families that are still continuing this dying artistry of handcrafted eyewear.

“We are very delighted to finally share our family history to the world. This is the first time that NAKANISHI® 1928 will be distributed outside of Japan and it marks a new milestone for our family,” shares Nakanishi Masayoshi, fourth generation and Principal of NAKANISHI® 1928.

In conjunction with the brand’s momentous 90th Anniversary, NAKANISHI® 1928 will be launching the Heritage Collection that comprises of five new models — TAKEO, HAKATA, TAKABO and TENJIN, which are revived and recreated by hand using original molds, drawings and archives, as well as the newly designed MASA, which is an original eye frame drawn and handcrafted by the Principal himself.


First Generation


Second Generation


Third Generation


Fourth Generation

TAKEO, HAKATA and TAKABO highlight the importance of the people behind the brand. Masa confides: “The first and second models are tributes to my great grandfather, Nakanishi Takeo and grandfather, Nakanishi Takao. the frames take shape from their original design and we are bringing these beautiful designs back to modern context. Entirely handmade, we also use the original colours that were produced back in those days.”

Likewise, the name TAKABO is a byname that was given by first generation, Takeo to third generation, Nakanishi Takayoshi when he was a little child. the TAKABO model is an exclusive design created in the late 1930s that has been long forgotten. It features a fusion of two materials, — back then was celluloid and gold — celluloid and Sun Platinum Metal (SPM), which is a very rare metal material available only in Japan.

The most prized model in the new collection is the TENJIN model, which was originally created in 1976. the original mold and know-hows have since been handed down to Masa from his sensei, who was the master craftsman of this particular eyeframe design.

“The eyewear design was once worn by music legend, John Lennon, who purchased this eyeframe model during his last visit to Japan in 1977. It took me close to five years to master the craftsmanship of this eyeframe. Up to this day, we still marvel at the original tools and archives that were used to make the TENJIN model today,” Masa continues to explain.

As a complement to the heritage pieces, the CEO of NAKANISHI® 1928 has also handcrafted a personalised design, MASA. the oversized frame design features an edgy look and a bold statement. the MASA model comes in four dark tones and is best paired either as a day-to-day eyewear or as sunglasses for both men and women.

NAKANISHI® 1928 is now refreshed with a whole new sensibility. Harnessing the values of handmade artisanal craftsmanship from his forefather and the operational expertise and business from his father, Masa is putting his own artistry into handmade celluloid eyeframes with a new game plan.

The brand now sets its eyes on setting a stronger foundation in the global market with an exciting rebranding exercise and creative direction. the new range of iconic eyeglasses bears significant sentimental values to the family’s history and the optical world in Japan.

NAKANISHI® designs are available through our website and selected luxury eyewear stores worldwide.